What is Sonos...

...and do I want (need) it?


All the music you (and your family) love, whenever you want!

I love music. I turn it on first thing in the morning, every morning. It's on all day in my office, in my car and when I go out at night, one of my favorite things is live music. I don't buy CDs much anymore, but if you ask me to play just about any artist, album or song, odds are, I'll be able to play it for you, in a matter of seconds! That's all because I have Sonos! Oldies, opera, country, rock, metal, you name it, it's all there ready for me to listen to. If it's been digitally published, I have it! An you can too!

It's all about choices. Sonos give you seemingly endless choices. If you like traditional AM or FM local radio stations, Sonos has them through iHeart Radio. But here's the Sonos advantage; no static, no cutting out, no adjusting the antenna. Sonos "streams" your favorite station from the Internet. Moved here from another city, and miss your favorite station, no problem, Sonos gets stations from across the country, or across the world! This is also FREE through your Sonos system.

If you have an XM or Sirius account, you can add this feature to your Sonos as well. It's just as easy as adding another radio to your account, without having to buy the radio.

Have a large collection of music on iTunes or the PCs around the house? Sonos will find it, organize it by artist, by album, by track or playlist. Finally it will be at your fingertips, in the kitchen, on the patio, all around the house. If most of your music is on an iPod, Sonos has a dock to allow you to play that music all around the house.

Also built in is access to Pandora, a FREE music service, allowing you to create customized stations with the music you like... commercial free! You can even skip a song if you happen to get one you don't want to hear, just like a CD! Give it the thumbs down, and it won't come up again.

Now let's kick up the "Cool Factor" another notch! If you own an iPhone, an iPad or an Android phone, you can use these from anywhere on your Wi-Fi network to control Sonos! For example, you're sitting out on the deck with some friends, listening to music. You pull out your phone and play a song by your favorite artist that was just released that day!

Now that you're curious about how Sonos could fit into your life, and maybe make it a bit more musical. Give us a call and we'll set up a free demonstration at your home, to see just how easy it is to add more music to your life.

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Dan Gawne


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