Most cable companies offer cable distribution. They'll put in splitters, run wires all over the outside of your house, and bring cable lines up through the floor and the carpet to your TVs. This is not the ideal way to do things. First of all it can be very unsightly, and most importantly it can provide for some very poor picture quality. Cable signals are measured in db, (decibels,) and every time a cable line is split you loose 7db. So if your cable signal is coming into your house at 5 db, with one splitter, your signal has been cut down to 2 db. This gives you a less then perfect picture.

Now this doesn't mean you can just throw an amplifier on you cable line, to many db can cause poor signal quality also. This is why it is important to get the right people for the job. With the proper knowledge, planning, and installation we can deliver the best signal possible to each and every TV. With today's emphasis on quality, you really need a professional Audio, Video company like ourselves to get the job done right.