Can you get a great sound for a reasonable price? You bet.

The state of present day audio and video consumer electronic products can be summed up like this: This stuff is amazing! Once, there was mono. Then came stereo. Then a little thing called "surround sound". Today, you can blow the doors off your great room or Theater, without breaking the bank.

Make sure you've got a surround system with Dolby Digital and/or DTS capability, this will insure that you are getting all of the soundtracks from the movie. Come to us first. If you've got a room in mind, we can turn it into a place the whole family will gather to enjoy your favorite movies and sports.

Want more? How about Dolby Atmos (11 channels of audio) or bass you can really feel! We can install shakers in your new or existing seating, to give that ultimate punch!

Current products in the home theater industry are capable of producing wonderful surround sound systems or home theaters. We know how to put all the pieces together to give you the best system for your money. Best of all, our team of installers can make just about anything happen. We give new meaning to the phrase "custom installation".