Phone wiring

You wouldn't have the plumber wire the electrical in your house, because that's not his specialty, he's not trained properly. It's the same for having an electrician install the phone wiring in your home. Sure, it's wire, but the similarity ends there. Many contractors run phone wire just like they did 20 years ago when phone wire consisted of 4 wires and your phone had a dial on it. It just simply cannot be done that way anymore. The odds are if you did not have a expert install the telephone wiring in your house, it is likely not done properly.. You need an expert who is familiar with networking, phone systems and even security to run your phone wires. Here's why! Every phone line must be run back to a central location. There are many different reasons why this needs to happen, the most important being that there are new technologies coming out every day, that require that the wiring be done correctly, or slow speeds or data loss can result. I stress this point so much, because when people do it wrong, I have to fix it, but what's even worse, you may end up having to pay for it twice.