Imagine having the sound from your favorite album playing throughout your entire home!

Whole house audio refers to the distribution of sound in your home. You can have a pair of speakers in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dining room- virtually any room in your house. An audio source can be the radio, a CD, satellite radio, a music channel from a satellite receiver or a cablebox, an mp3 player, even your old phonograph! Easy right? Maybe not if you decide to install a system yourself! Give us a call, we can make it easy.
There are many different products out there, but we can present you with a solution tailored for your budget. Your first choice should be the overall look of your system. Do you want speakers hanging on the wall, or installed in the wall? In wall or in ceiling speakers can provide for very good sound and you?ll barely notice them.

Whole house audio systems can range from just a few speakers throughout the house attached to a stereo receiver, or very sophisticated systems with multiple sources and multiple zones. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.