Video has come a long, long way.

Remember the days of VCRs with fuzzy tracking and rewinding? Old huge bulky TV sets with dim pictures? Let's talk about the present: Blu-Ray DVD players, Video Streaming, High Definition Television. We can put a projector not much larger than a shoebox on your ceiling that can project a beautiful picture more than 100 inches diagonal. Ask us about DLP, 3D, Motorized screens. Widescreen LCD TVs. Let's watch movies at home the way the director intended.

We've got solutions for any size room. And I haven't even mentioned 4K Ultra High Definition yet. Talk about eye candy. Just sit back and try not to be amazed watching the Discovery Channel in High Definition on a flat screen TV. We can fit as big a TV as you want, or be as inobtrusive as possible. From direct-view TVs to front projection systems, we've got a way to take your breath away when you press play.